The Flying Archaeologist

One sunny day during our 2012 excavations, we were visited by a BBC crew filming for the series The Flying Archaeologist.

A concealed Helen Winton being interviewed on camera by Ben Robinson.

Presented by Ben Robinson, the series was focused on archaeological sites discovered from the air. Damerham was featured in a programme called “Stonehenge: The Missing Link”. We were not that link.

Abandoned equipment at an all-too-vital tea break.

The programme included some aerial footage of Dampney Barrow filmed in the autumn of 2013, plus Helen and Martyn doing their best to explain, clearly and concisely, what we were doing. Fortunately, as with the earlier ‘One Show’ experience, much of what was said on camera wasn’t used.

The excavation of what turned out to be a Post-Medieval sheep skeleton attracted attention.

First broadcast on BBC in a prime-time slot, right after the One Show on Friday 19th April, it has so far had little impact on our careers. Keep your eyes open for repeats.

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